Oola Tea: The Best Oil Infused Tea

I’m a huge fan of Oola tea. The brand, their tea, and how they partner with Young Living Essential Oils to make teas specifically formulated for use with edible oils. Love them!

And Oola actually makes a Lemon Lavender blend, called Unwind. You can get it here.

And it’s a LOT better in my opinion, than the Yogi Honey Lavender.

Oola teas are great by themselves, but even better when you infuse them with essential oils. The lemon lavender blend is meant to be used with lavender vitality. Really brings out the calming, floral hints without making them overpowering.

And if you’re looking to unwind and relax, Oola also makes a blend called Balance. A white, floral tea. With just a hint of caffeine, rated a 1/5.

And by the way, with Young Living, a little goes a long way. So only use a drop (or two) of the Vitality oils if you’re infusing them in your drinks. Speaking of Vitality, check out Oola’s Cinnamon Vanilla Fusion tea by the same name as the edible oils. Vitality. Yum!

Rest assured that with Oola teas, there are a TON of varieties. I’ve only just named a few.

If you’re looking for calming blends, Unwind with Lemon Lavenderis just one option. But you also have Peace, a masala chai blend which sounds soothing, but it does have a little bit of caffeine, and the Balance tea I mentioned which is a white floral tea to promote relaxation, as well.

Sleep, which is a citrus chamomile blend, is meant to help you rest.* Again, no FDA evaluated statements here, but you can check out the teas for yourself and I would highly recommend them. All of them.

My favorite Oola is actually a detox tea called Dragon Clove. It’s fruity and floral, with pieces of dried apple in it.

Personally, I’d choose Oola over Yogi any day. But Yogi’s honey lavender wasn’t bad. And I actually wrote an entire post dedicated to 10 of Oola’s most popular flavors (which you can read here).

Based on my review, which of the teas above would you most likely buy? Yogi honey lavender for the mild flavor? Or perhaps Oola’s balance, peace, or unwind?

Comment your favorite below!

I understand that this recipe calls for many essential oils and that people unaccustomed to cooking with essential oils may not have all of them on hand. Which is why I’ve put a link here where you can buy them. Just click on the image.

Yes, I’m a Young Living distributor. Have been for a couple of years now. And the reason I became a distributor is because I became not just fascinated with the health benefits of oils, but my family uses them in our daily products. When my friend from elementary school, Amanda, contacted me years back and started talking to me about living a toxin free lifestyle, my interest was peaked. Don’t we all want to live with less chemicals? Especially knowing how all the foods we eat and the products we clean with and bathe with impact our homes, our health, and our children? Yes, yes, yes! Sign me up! And so she did.

We started cooking with essential oils. Using them in our personal care products. And even cleaning with them! Thieves cleaner has literally replaced every chemical I used to have under my sink. Now, I use Thieves, coconut oil, vinegar, water, and baking soda. That’s about it.

Because every essential oil I brought into my home meant one less chemical we were using. Living cleaner, healthier lives. And in becoming a distributor, I started getting paid for sharing my love of oils with others! Sharing and educating. That’s all Young Living is about. Wellness, Abundance, and Purpose. What greater mantra is that?

And by the way. For those who were interested in following along with Young Living. You can purchase them with that link.