Relax with Lavender from Young Living

Relaxing Lavender Bath

Lavender. One of my all time favorite essential oils that Young Living actually carries it in two forms: regular and vitality. And for the purpose of this relaxing lavender bath recipe, either or can be used.

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Lavender Essential Oil by Young Living

Young Living‘s entire line of products provides quality unlike any other essential oil brand. From their vitality line, the bottles made easily distinguishable by their white labels, which can be used for dietary purposes- to their single and blended oil combinations meant to be used in a diffuser to be misted gently into the air. You’re sure to find an oil that you’ll fall in love with. And lavender is known to be soothing. Calming. Which is why it’s one of my absolute favorites.

Lavender Vitality can also add just a subtle hint of flavor- though just the right amount, when used correctly in dietary recipes. Those of you that tried my Orange Zest and Lavender Muffins recipe or the Strawberry Lavender Spritzers can attest to that, I’m sure.

And it’s just that hint of subtly which makes it a great addition- in this case, to a bath, not a drink- after a long day.

While attempting to gather supplies at my local Hobby Lobby to make some DIY lotions and scrubs this evening, I came across the following recipe on the back of a bag of Sea Salt. As I was reading over it, the simplicity caught my attention, and I thought to myself, I’ve gotta try that!

So with only 4 ingredients necessary, it took less time than a trip through the drive thru to pick up what I needed and commence making myself a relaxing lavender bath.

Recipe for a Relaxing Lavender Bath

The beauty of this concoction is that it can be stored in sealed container and left tub side for the future, or it can be used immediately- no waiting necessary!

Just take a small handful, toss it into a tub of warm water, and voila! Add self, and it’s a done deal.

And for those who would rather skip the DIY part, Young Living does offer a selection of Lavender Bath Bombs that are pre made. Stress Away Bath Bombs, too.

To create the DIY Recipe for a Relaxing Lavender Bath, start with 1 cup Sea Salt.

Add 1 cup Epsom Salt.

Then mix in 1 cup Dead Sea Salt

20 drops Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

Place the ingredients in a bowl to mix.

With a spoon, combine all 4 items until well stirred.

Then, spoon into a (preferably) seal-able, glass container, such as an 8oz mason jar.

Here, the salt can be kept until needed.

Relax with a Lavender Bath of Essential Oils

Before use, just take a couple of spoonfuls and drop into the warm water.

Then sit back, and relax, with the soothing aroma of Lavender.

In the case you don’t already have lavender on hand, but would like to purchase 100% pure, food grade lavender oil, like that which is mentioned here, check out Young Living’s Lavender.

Young Living stands by their seed to seal promise and makes only the highest quality essential oils.

With hundreds to choose from, lavender is only the beginning. Young Living also carries diffuser to put the oils in the air, bath and shower products, wholesome foods made from Einkorn and Wolfberries, as well as much more.

For anything health and wellness related, check out Young Living‘s line of essential oils and oil infused goodies. You’re sure to discover something to please everyone.