Best Oil Infused Teas

Are you looking for the best teas for digestion, the best teas for relaxation, and the best teas for energy? Then Oola Teas are for you because every tea Oola makes is designed to help support your health.

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Did you know that every food, every drink, every supplement that you put in or on your body is a opportunity to help heal (or hurt) your health? And what if I told you that you could promote weight loss, fat burning, or help yourself detox and relax with those same foods and drinks? It’s true.

And although none of the statements I just mentioned in regards to Oola Teas have been evaluated by the FDA, teas have long been considered a worthy addition to any healthy diet. Plus, with the variety of teas available with Oola, even the pickiest tea connoisseur will find something they enjoy.

Yes, these amazingly delicious and flavorful Oola teas have the potential to add to your healthy lifestyle. With teas for detoxing like Dragon Clove, teas for bloating like Ginger Pineapple Crush, or a blend like the Lemon Lavender Unwind tea for relaxing, Oola teas offer something for everyone.

When used as part of a balanced diet, teas have the potential to enhance your health and all Oola teas are organic to provide you with a healthy option for your daily routine.

Teas for weight loss? Think Boost Berry Brulee or Burn Mint Fusion to give you extra energy and help you achieve an ideal weight.

Want teas for bedtime? Think Sleep Citrus Chamomile or Unwind Lemon Lavender.

Want teas to help wake you up as an alternative to coffee? Think Sunrise Ginger Peach Daybreak or Oxford Double Black. Both have between 4 and 5 stars in terms of caffeine, 5 being the highest, so these teas will wake you up and get you going.

Every drink, every food we place in our body has the potential to help fuel our goals- whatever they are. Teas are just one of the many ways nature provides us with an opportunity to better our bodies with few or zero calories. And although I’d written another tea review yesterday about Yogi Honey Lavender something I failed to mention was the health benefits of drinking tea. So I’m covering that here.

Full leaf, organic teas have long since been known to be rich in antioxidants. But more and more research suggests that certain herbs and spices can help build our immunity, make us sleep easier, and even aid in losing weight. So if you’re looking to drink tea for health benefits, think Oola tea.

What makes Oola tea unique is that each one is specifically designed to be infused with essential oils. Specifically, Young Living’s vitality line, which you can get here. And while the teas are excellent on their own, the vitality oils just add a little something extra- and not just flavor.

I’ve been a Young Living ambassador for about two years now, and oils, much like the herbs and spices found in Oola teas, are amazing for promoting feelings of calm (think Lavender), adding extra flavor to foods (like Lemon Vitality), and even for cleaning (thank you, Thieves!). But the fact that Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise ensures that their vitality line is more than a flavorful, healthy addition to foods. With Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise, you can be assured that if it’s in their Vitality line, that t’s a safe option to add to your family’s food. And that should make you feel good.

Young Living uses only the highest quality oils and they’re the ONLY company I trust when it comes to ingesting oils, by the way. And their vitality line with the white label makes it easy to distinguish which oils are good for you to consume.

My favorite oils to add to dishes are Lavender Vitality (which I wrote about in this Lavender Chicken recipe here), Thieves (which goes great in such a wide variety of products, that Young Living dedicated an entire line to them which you can read more on here), and Lemon Vitality (which is an excellent addition to just about everything- even water).

But if you’re not interested in essential oil infusions, no worries! Oola teas are amazing on their own, oils or no oils. Plus, all Oola teas are also organic- so no pesticides, no poison, no worries!

If you’re looking for the best tea to boost metabolism, the best teas for a cough or a cold, or just the best teas for a tea party in the this day and age, check out all Oola has to offer.

Dragon clove from Oola tea is my absolute favorite. And in addition to being just the right amount of sweet and slightly tart, it’s said to be a tea to increase fat burning. Delicious and nutritious equals a double win, right? And I love the small bits of apple in this one. It smells delicious!

This organic green tea is a natural anti inflammatory and this tea also promotes healthy digestion.

And if you’re looking to enhance the flavor of this Dragon Clove Green tea, this tea is best served with a clove based oil, like Thieves, which you can get here. But even without essential oil infusion, Dragon Clove Green tea is excellent by itself.

Thieves oil has long been used in supporting a healthy immune system. Lemon, clove, and cinnamon bark all go well together in warm tea like Oola Dragon Clove, but it can also be used to spice up desserts like all natural chocolate pudding or even coffee. Try a little Thieves in your daily diet if you’re looking to boost immunity, and flavor.

Looking for another tea for weightloss, but wanting the taste of black tea over green? Feel the burn with Mint Fusion Oola tea.Organic black tea that is said to help with weight loss? Say hello to reaching your goals.

With the taste of peppermint, this Oola tea calls for the addition of Black Pepper Vitality (found here) to give it extra spice (literally).

Black pepper vitality can easily replace ground black pepper in recipes. And with black pepper being oil, less mess- more taste!

Anyone up for some Oola Oolong? This Oola tea called Glow is said to support the appearance of healthy skin, but also weight loss. Tea for weightloss. Tea for clear skin. And this tea also helps prevent bone loss? Wow! Get some Glow!

And if you’re looking to enhance with essential oils? Try 2-3 drops of Grapefruit Vitality to enhance this Oolong.

Grapefruit is also said to aid in weightloss, so it’s the perfect addition not just to Oola tea, but also sparkling water or as a supplement in a veggie capsule. For citrus taste to aid in maintaining a healthy weight, reach for Grapefruit.

Sweet, sweet cinnamon chai. This oola tea is divine, but then I’m a lover of all things cinnamon. Said to be a tea to strengthen immunity and a tea to reduce bloating, this is one of my go-to teas. Peace is a an appropriate name for this cinnamon blend.

And for an extra burst of flavor, infuse it with a little bit of Young Living Cardamom Vitality.

With cardamom’s rich taste, it’s one of the world’s favorite spices for use in cooking. Cardamom too is for digestive support, so it goes great with this masala chai tea for metabolism.

Lift your mood and relieve tension with lemon and lavender in Oola Tea Unwind. The perfect tea for relaxation.

I’d compared this tea to Yogi’s Honey Lavender yesterday, which you can read about here, but between these two teas for relaxing, Unwind wins.

Lemon Vitality makes the citrus hint stand out. But the lavender is always lovely at day’s end in a tea for relaxing.

Use a couple of drops of Lemon Vitality to add flavor to this tea, then use another few drops to some of your favorite sweet foods like pastries and cakes. Lemon Vitality by Young Living has a bright, tart, sunshine like taste. And it’s convenient to use in a pinch in place of zesting or juicing.

Lemon Vitality, like many of Young Living’s vitality oils, also has many health benefits. Lemon helps with immune system support and is also rich in antioxidant properties.

Berry Brulee Boost, yum! Even the name of this flavor by Oola tea brings to mind images of a yummy dessert. And this organic black tea is said to improve cardiovascular endurance, so take it before a work out. Rich in flavor, this tea also boosts concentration- hence the name.

Add Copaiba Vitality to give it a woodsy boost of flavor. And with a 5/5 caffeine rating, no need for coffee if you’re drinking berry brulee.

Cobaiba has a robust, earthy flavor with notes of honey. And adding a couple of drops of Copaiba Vitality to a cup of warm tea like Boost can promote overall wellness. A great addition to your daily tea routine.

Perhaps you’re looking for more relaxing blends of Oola tea. Something to unwind, but perhaps with less lavender and more citrus? Oola also makes chamomile tea with hints of citrus like their Sleep Blend. Said to help improve sleep and decrease tension. It’s a citrus chamomile blend that’s a tea best served at bedtime.

I personally tend to take teas like this blend in the evening when I don’t need a dose of caffeine. And I’d sooner reach for Sleep than decaf coffee. This herbal tea is caffeine free, and with a drop of Lemongrass Vitality, the citrus hints are enhanced for those that like the slightly grass like taste of chamomile.

Lemongrass Vitality essential oil tastes as fresh as its smell. With its citrus flavor and several health benefits like its support of overall wellness to the digestive system and circulatory system Lemongrass Vitality is an oil best taken daily.

Back to a 5/5 caffeine rating with Peppermint Rush, this gives a natural energy boost and is said to improve metabolism.

This organic black tea blend is said to go well with added peppermint taste in the form of Peppermint Vitality essential oil.

And yes, it tastes like a peppermint patty. The back of the package accurately suggests you close your eyes and enjoy the rush.Peppermint rushWith added peppermint for promoting healthy digestion.


Ginger Pineapple crush. If you love the spicy tangy flavor of ginger, then this tea is for you.

Said to suppress appetite and regulate blood sugar. I’ll admit I take this one for the health benefits, but not because the flavor itself is my favorite. Bromeline from pineapple and the ginger are what really bring out the benefits in this blend, and for those that love ginger, it’s great. I just personally do not favor ginger myself. Mostly because I spent one entire pregnancy fighting off morning sickness and ginger is said to help with nausea. It helped, sure, but it’s turned me away from ever wanting to eat it again, haha.

Best enhanced with Lemon Vitality to give is a citrus hint. And it’s only a 2/5 in caffeine, so good to take even up until the early afternoon.

I listed 10 amazing teas above, all with incredible benefits to promote good health. But they are not the only Oola All Stars. Oola also makes several other flavors, I didn’t mention above. Like Vitality, their Cinnamon Vanilla Fusion tea.

Or Earl Grey, for the British tea lovers. Perfect as a breakfast blend.

And how about Sunrise? Full of flavor and caffeine to get your morning started right. Ginger peach black tea. Yum!

Honestly, I love Oola Teas. And I believe everyone who tries Oola tea will become a fan not just of the individual flavors like ginger, peach, citrus, and chamomile, but you’ll also love the health benefits. These are the best teas to reduce bloating, the best teas for energy, and even the best teas for relaxation.

Taste wise, my favorites are Unwind with Lemon Lavender, Detox with Dragon Clove, and Peppermint Rush.

I know you’ll love these teas all by themselves, but I also know that the Young Living Vitality oils that are recommended on the packages really enhance the infusions. Bold taste and great health benefits. A delicious combination.

Plus, all Oola teas are organic. No pesticides means no worries. And believe when I say that I’ve tried several brands of teas through the years. Of all of them, the Oola tea brand would be my top choice next to Teavana (which I’ll have to do a review on soon).

Which one of the above flavors have you tried or do you think you would like most? Peppermint? Ginger Pineapple? Or another? Comment below.

And by the way, Oola offers a LOT of other flavors. A lot. I only highlighted a sample. Check them out and again, comment below as to your favorite. I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve mentioned several of these teas recommend being infused with Young Living Vitality oils like Lemon Vitality, Thieves Vitaliy, or Cinnamon Bark Vitality in order to enhance their already amazing flavor. In the case you’d love to try some essential oils, let me first say that Young Living is the only brand of essential oil I’d trust to have in my tea- or any food.

I’ve been with Young Living for over two years and as mentioned previously, they’re the ONLY essential oil brand that I would consider ingesting or putting in my teas because of their integrity as a company and brand. Their seed to seal promise is one you can trust.

Young Living offers a Seed to Seal promise of purity, and while I’ve done SEVERAL recipes on cooking with essential oils, I’ve also written several posts highlighting specific oils like Angelica, the “angel of oils”, Young Living’s Thieves line which includes items ranging from all natural cleaners, vitality oils, toothpaste, and more, and why I use several essential oils during cold and flu season to combat the sniffles.

Young Living essential oils are so versatile that I have some in EVERY ROOM OF MY HOME.

If you’d like to know more about Young Living oils as well as their business opportunity, feel free to comment below or send me an email. I’m always looking to help others live toxin free lives and every essential oil in your home is one less chemical. So start a conversation @

As the world leader of essential oils, Young Living provides only the purest oils possible. Their Seed to Seal promise is proof of that.

With over 20 years of production in essential oils, Young Living has become a household staple. A brand known for its purpose and purity. And the vision behind Gary Young, the founder of Young Living? To bring Young Living essential oils into every home in the world.

The purpose? Simple. Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance. You can feel confident you’re using only the highest quality products because of how they are sourced, the science behind the formulas that bring you only the most authentic, aromatic blends, and the company standards. Sustainably sourced botanicals, producing pure essential oils that are ethically and legally made.

Young Living has indeed set a high standard for distilling essential oils. So you can feel good about the products you’re putting on your table when it comes to Young Living, and the products you’re bringing into your home. Whether it be for cleaning purposes, like Thieves Household Cleaner, or personal care items for your kids, like the Kidscents line of products, these are high quality ingredients infused with only the purest essential oils.

I use Young Living essential oils because two years ago a friend from elementary school got me interested in the importance of living a toxin free lifestyle. And since then, I can’t tell you what a blessing they have been to my family. We’ve never looked back. And we use them in place of SEVERAL household products that once contained chemicals.