Disappointment: When the enemy Tries to Define You as a Failure

Over Christmas break, I got a book written by modern day prophets, Jermaine and Rebecca Francis. The title of the book is “Activating the Gift of Prophecy” and it’s a great read by the way. Very honest and straightforward. And there’s a part over half way through that talks about protocols. Things you should and shouldn’t do when exercising the gift of prophecy. 

And part of that section talks about when God reveals someone’s struggles to you. Be it an addiction. A financial issue like gambling or bankruptcy. An anger problem. The section speaks on how to speak God’s heart to that person surrounding their area of struggle. Because prophecy is meant to edify, encourage, and build up the church. It’s meant to provide encouragement.

Calling someone out on their issue in front of a crowd would be the opposite of encouraging and edifying. And shame, condemnation and embarrassment? That’s not God’s heart for a person.

A person with financial struggles or an anger problem already knows it. And God knows it.

But God’s heart for that person who has these issues would be to give them freedom from it. Give them hope that they can change. Yes, it helps tremendously to see and hear that God sees you, and He sees your struggle.

So to release a prophetic word saying God is going to turn it around, God is giving them joy, God is going to meet their needs. That is God’s heart.

Hearing that though, it’s interesting because the authors of the book actually gave me my own personal prophecy back in December of 2020. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone over the word they gave me from the Lord.

The word I received was full of so much promise. In fact, I was able to transcribe my prophecy and after I’d written it out, I actually went through and underlined the promises from it that really touched my heart.

And yet. Towards the end of my prophecy, the very end, there was something curious. And I didn’t think about it at the time, and in fact for weeks after I didn’t think much about it. 

Until I read Jermaine and Rebecca’s book, “Activating the Gift of Prophecy.”

And where it spoke about how if you saw something negative, that wasn’t God’s heart. But God would show you that person’s struggle.

What was spoken over me was success. Success. Victory. And overcoming. And those words were spoken over me MULTIPLE times throughout my prophecy.

And then right there at the end, another prophet, Jane Hamon of Vision Church at Christian International had prophesied over me. And in reading over that very last bit from her… it clicked.

She said, “The enemy has tried so hard to define you as a failure. But the Lord says, ‘Look at who the failure is, now. The enemy is the real failure.’”

And then it clicked. 

Because over and over and over in my prophecy, success, and victory, and overcoming had been spoken over me. Over and over and over.

And when I was reading over what Jane said, it dawned on me. What Jermaine and Jane had both seen. It was the same thing, though worded in such a way to give me hope and encouragement.

What they had both seen, over and over in their time with me, was that the enemy had spent my entire life trying to define me as a failure.

No one needed to tell me of my struggle. But God knew. He was there. He’d seen it all.

And in fact, only a couple of weeks before I’d received that word, I’d gotten another word centered around the same topic. Success v. failure.

Two weeks prior to my word from Jermaine and Jane, I’d been sitting in a computer lab typing up my testimony from Mercy Multiplied- the faith based residential program I graduated in December.

And right before I’d gone in for counseling that day, I remembered typing in my testimony, “I never felt like I was enough. Nothing I did was ever enough.”

I’d typed those words, and within the hour, I’d gone to counseling.

And it was there in counseling that day, struggling to ‘pull myself up by my bootstraps’ and failing miserably, that God first spoke to me voice within a voice. And He said, “For all the times you thought you weren’t enough, daughter, your time is coming. Your time is coming.”

And so, hearing what Jane and Jermaine said- or rather what God had said through them, to me… it was life changing. It was powerful. And it all clicked.

The enemy of my soul, who hates you and me more than anything else in this world- and make no mistake, he hates us… 

He’s spent his whole life trying to define me as a failure.

And he ALMOST succeeded. ALMOST.

But God has now said, and I quote, “Enough is enough.”

God has drawn the line. And God says, “No more.”

It ends here.

And so, to quote Jane Hamon, “Look who’s the failure. The enemy is the failure.”

Thank you Jesus. Yes, he is.

What about you? What has the enemy been lying to you about? Comment below.

And remember, when the enemy starts speaking in his native tongue- LIES. You can remind him of what God has said. “Look at who’s the failure. HE is the failure.”

God bless you guys.