Workaholic Tendencies, Self-Care, and Worship

I’ve been actively seeking employment for a month now. And due to the pandemic, it’s been an uphill battle. 

I literally spend hours upon hours a day seeking out employment online- which is a change from when I got my first job almost 20 years ago. But even with the internet supposedly making applying for a job easier, it’s perhaps no less time consuming.

20 years ago, prior to the internet becoming a “thing” you actually had to physically go into a store and fill out paper application after paper application. Yes, I really am that old.

But now, thanks to the internet, most of my searching is going from site to site with companies I know should be hiring. But due to the pandemic, they’re not.

Therefore, hours a day is spent searching out jobs only to find out these companies aren’t hiring.

And then, even using employment sites like Monster and Indeed, I can locate a job, but then I have to fill out individual applications. While it helps to have my resume already uploaded to these sites, a lot of quality employers want you to use their site to apply- even if you found the job on Indeed, for example.

Then there’s cover letters. Each of them carefully curated to match my potential employer. And yes, I change up my cover letters every time I apply to a job. Every time.

Because I know if I were an employer, I’d want to know that the person applying actually cared about my company.

Thus, in order to create my cover letters, I do research on the companies I’m applying for.

And that brings me to why I spend hours upon hours of my life every day in the season applying for job after job after job.

Can I say that it’s frustrating? Because it is.

When you think about it, after all these hours invested in applying, really I’m going to get only one job out of the dozens (soon to be hundreds) of applications I’ve sent out.

It’s a bit like fishing. Except that for all that bait I’m putting out, I’m only wanting to reel in one. 

Hours of my life gone that I’ll never get back. Hours that won’t matter once I get that one job.

So here’s the second thing I’ve been struggling with while seeking employment.

I do need to take breaks now and again.

And for some people in my life that have heard that, it’s shocking.

Perhaps more shocking to me is their reaction to me saying, “I need to take a break.” Or, “I need to exercise.” “I need to read my Bible.” Or, “I’m going to put on some worship music and just soak in God’s presence for a bit.”

I’ve been met with a LOT of push back on this actually.

People saying, “If I were you, I’d be spending every spare moment trying to get a job.”

And while I know they mean well, I want to take a moment and break down why their take on what I’m doing and my take on what I’m doing matters- and differs- greatly.

Should I really be spending ‘every spare minute’ applying to jobs? No.

And here’s why.

First, I am spending hours upon hours seeking employment. I am making good use of my time, and I am actively seeking employment.

But. As a Christ follower I realize that God can do more for me in a literal SECOND than I can do for me in an entire life time.

Second, God is my first priority, no matter my life circumstances.

Let’s take a good look at my current life situation, shall we?

Despite social media appearances, which can completely be deceiving, I actually am not only jobless, but homeless right now. 

And nobody wants that status to change more than I do. I promise you.

Having no stable living situation wears on me. It would wear on anyone.

I desperately want and NEED a home of my own. Thus my seeking employment. 

Which brings us back to my first point.

God can do more in a second… than I can do in a life time.

By keeping my focus on God, I’m where I need to be.

There’s a saying- though not straight from the Bible mind you- that says, “Pray as if it depends on God, but work as if it depends on you.”

That’s my motto.

And as a workaholic, I know my tendencies. 

Despite me trying to preach a good show, have I really been making as much time for my own self care as I should in this season?

No. No I have not.

My tendency is to want to stay in front of the computer all day. Yes, to spend even more time applying for jobs than I already am.

And in this season, my drive to succeed, to find a job, to make it happen by my own efforts, it’s causing me to slide back into unhealthy habits.

Our body is the literal temple of the Holy Spirit. He lives within us, those of us who are believers in Jesus Christ.

And God wants us to take care of our bodies.

That means feeding it well- thank you Daniel Fast- which I’m jumping back on track on.

It means doing something as small as taking my vitamins daily and increasing my water intake- both things I was super good about doing while I was at Mercy Multiplied this most recent season. But since I’ve gotten out of Mercy, I’ve let those things fall by the wayside.

And sleep? It means sleeping. And I’ve been struggling with that too.

We are spirits in a body. Yes.

But our health is tied into this thing called balance. All things are connected.

My spiritual health is tied into my physical health. And my physical health is tied into my mental and emotional health.

If even one of these areas is out of whack, I’m going to suffer for it.

Which brings me back to why it’s so important in this season where I’m desperately wanting and seeking employment to say at times, breathe.

I need to sit back and breathe. Relax. Rest in Him.

It means that yes, I continue to spend hours actively seeking employment. Yes.

But it also means spending time daily in prayer. In the Bible Worshiping God. Eating healthy. Exercising. Taking those vitamins. And getting sleep.

The Bible tells us to be anxious for nothing. But in everything, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, make our requests known to God.

And here’s another tidbit.

Worship is our weapon.

Yes. Worship is weapon.

There’s a reason church services open with worship and praise music that lasts half an hour or longer. It’s because yes, it’s relaxing. It helps get our hearts ready to receive the message.

But worship is also a weapon that causes the enemy to tremble.

Because if you want to see the heavens open up and see some miracles start happening in your life, start praising Jesus.

Start thanking God for what you know He’s doing and going to be doing.

Start praising and thanking God even before you see Him doing anything. Because trust me, He is.

Start praising and praying and worshiping the God who gives us all things. Each day is a gift. Each breath is a gift. Everything we own is a gift- from Him.

I know in this season some of my favorite songs to worship and praise Him with are

House of Miracles by Brandon Lake

Prepare the Way by Bethel

Won’t Stop Now by Elevation

Yes I Will by Vertical Worship

And those are just the ones off the top of my head.

If you want some praise and worship songs with some powerful lyrics, these are it. 

I’ll have to post the lyrics later- and break down what they mean for us as believers.

But what are your favorite worship songs? And what are you doing in this season to indulge in necessary self care?

Let me know by commenting below.

And may God bless you, always.