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Jumping Back Into Health, Wellness, and Business

I’m a writer by nature and also by nature, I love all things all natural. All things health and wellness related. And I love working from home and having flexibility in my schedule to make sure my priorities stay priorities. 

So by playing to my strengths and passions, I decided to write about something I feel strongly about that encompasses all of the above in the context of a blog post. And that’s Plexus.

*Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one, you get an opportunity to buy a great product- and I may get a small commission. Double win! Thanks in advance*

Opportunity Knocks

As a single mom to six beautiful babies, I’ve spent years taking care of others- my babies, my significant others- but honestly, I never spent a lot of time on my own self care. My own health and wellness.

Sparkle in 2021 with Plexus

Sure, I dabbled in essential oils. I’d buy healthy groceries, and I’ve always been an exercise fan. 

But when life would get busy, especially when I transitioned to being a single mom- TWICE. Because I’ve been married twice, divorced twice. My own health would lag by the wayside.

In a lot of my relationships, I was made to feel guilty for trying to take care of me. I had one significant other specifically that he didn’t want me spending “his” money on “my” things. Never mind that “my” things, like Plexus, were related to my health and wellbeing which in turn made me a better, happier, stronger role model for my kids. But long story short, he could buy me things, but I couldn’t buy me things.

And that constant struggle of trying and wanting to take care of me, but feeling like it wasn’t a priority- my health, happiness and wellness wasn’t a priority- not to me, and certainly not to those who I was in a romantic relationship with. So after years of that kind of horrible tug of war, I gave up. Gave up fighting for my wants, my wellbeing, my health.

And I suffered for it.

Every Journey Begins with Self Care

But I did initially stumble across Plexus about 3 years ago. 2018. 

And I heard all these amazing testimonies about these amazing products. And I thought, wow. More energy, better health, maybe feel more comfortable in my own skin and get a work from home gig out of the process- how fabulous would that be if it works? 

And it did. It did work. The products were fabulous. 

Plexus Happiness Health Wellness Prosperity

I loved it. Loved everything about it.

The supplements, the improved mental clarity and energy I was experiencing. The team culture. The friends I was making. All of it, great.

But I’ve been involved with multiple MLMs, multiple direct sales products- perhaps you have too.

I know Plexus was far from my first attempt at direct sales. And honestly, I’ve been a part of some great teams and some not so great teams. And I’ve found a lot of high quality products out there and made some great friends along the way.

Plexus was no different in that regard.

But the products actually worked how they said they would work and it was amazing! That alone would have made it worth it.

Health, Happiness, and Wellness

In fact, they worked so well that I actually placed a second order within my first month because not only was I taking it and it was fabulous (TriPlex, Vitalbiome, the famed pink drink, Plexus Slim) but the Slim? I was giving my kids small sips of it and they LOVED it.

So I rang up another order with the Slim, some Lean, and I got the children’s vitamins- I want to say they were XFactor Children’s Chewables, though the name may have changed.

My kids loved the chewable vitamins and their sips of the pink drink. And I felt good about what I was giving them- because while my own health wasn’t always a priority, my kids’ health always is and always was a priority.

Mega Kids Microbiome Plexus

And the products working for me personally? Oh yeah! Boy, did they!

I was one of those girls who was ALWAYS exhausted. Always. Had trouble sleeping. Was surviving, not thriving. The constant fatigue was chalked up to being a busy mom. It was “life”. It was “normal”. But let me tell you, while it may be the norm for a lot of people, it doesn’t have to be.

Constant Fatigue is Not Normal

Constant fatigue and cup after cup of coffee does NOT have to be a part of your day to day- if you don’t want it to be.

And coffee? I do love coffee. Gimme some Starbucks and a keurig for at home!

But I was drinking SEVERAL cups a day just trying to make it through until bedtime.

I’d fall asleep at the same time as my kids a lot of nights, and they were going to bed between 7:30 and 8:30. But even making it until then every evening was a CHORE.

Fatigue ruled my life- made me less than a happy camper. Coffee or no coffee.

And really, I do love my coffee. But I want it for the flavor. Not because I’m dragging.

But after years of living on caffeine, as I had been, I’d become almost immune to it. 

It was rough.

I’d have to say that fatigue was my biggest fight.

That and depression. But again, I’d been told both of those were “normal” given my history and current life circumstances.

But with Plexus

No joke, within the first month, I knew it was working.

Plexus Works Because Gut Health Matters

And I get it, not everyone sees amazing results immediately. But I did. So it is possible.

Because in switching over to the Plexus Slim, within days I knew it was a help in giving me more energy. The change was obvious in my ability to stay alert and awake.

And I started lessening the amount of coffee I was consuming, because honestly I no longer needed it.

Because on Plexus, I was getting my energy back. 

And that return on energy? It was worth it.

I loved it.

Plexus It's A Gut Feeling Health and Happiness

So why did I quit?!?! Right? The million dollar question.

I quit- not because the products weren’t working. 

Because they WERE working.

But my decision to quit, to sort of bow out slowly? It was a combination of things.

Why Quit? Don’t

Part of it was the guilt and shame I felt over spending money on me. Which had nothing to do with Plexus, and everything with me having spent years in controlling, manipulative, abusive situations.

I’d spent years being made to feel like I couldn’t spend my significant other’s money on something that only I would benefit from. Because if it came to something for me, solely for me, there was that guilt attached to the purchase. So if I spent money on me, it had to be “my” money. Money I’d brought in. And honestly, I would rather spend money on my kids. So.. priorities.

But seriously, if I’d taken a step back for a moment and made myself a priority, it was worth it. 

Plexus was worth it.

And I should have. Because my kids and my significant other at the time, they were ALL benefiting from me being on these products. Because I was happier, had more energy, so I could therefore be more present.

But I didn’t stand up for myself in that regard.

Two. This deals with the business aspect. 

But I was involved with another MLM at the time and I actually had a team with that one, people that had signed up under me. I’d been with them for probably two years prior to starting Plexus? And although I was NOT making a monthly income through my association with that company, I felt like if I had to choose between one business or the other, I wanted to stick with the one where I at least already had a few team members. 

Unfortunately, none of those under me in that company stayed with the company- again, nothing against the products, but these individuals were not at all interested in the business opportunity, and I was. So that ended up not panning out.

I had put all my eggs in the wrong MLM basket, obviously.

Health and Healing In All Ways

Thirdly. When I got started with Plexus the first time, I was in an unhealthy relationship and ended up going through a divorce. And so then, all of a sudden I was transitioning back to having to support me and my 6 kids solo. 

There was all of $500 a month coming in for child support, and I was working from home with freelance gigs as a writer, designer- my biggest contract of which was a small publishing company.

So in that season of life, I had to cut out absolutely everything that wasn’t bringing in an IMMEDIATE income. And on top of that, I transitioned to working outside the home. 

So I bypassed the opportunity to invest in Plexus as a business, or even as investment in my health. I allowed my self care to go by the wayside. 

And I regret it.

Grow Your Business with Plexus Health and Happiness

In quitting Plexus prematurely, it was one of a number of things that caused me to backslide in terms of my fatigue returning. And I became less and less involved in my self care for months following. 

Yeah. Perpetuated an unhealthy cycle. Major regret. 

So learn from it. 

Learn from my mistakes.

Make Yourself a Priority- You Matter

Make yourself a priority. Stop putting your health, your wants, on the back burner.

And invest both in yourself and this opportunity.

Also. Since I’m jumping back in after a couple of years away.

What’s different?

One. I know Plexus works. So that’s not an issue for me.

I’m passionate about health and wellness. Blessing others by being a blessing. 

Health and Happiness Plexus Health and Wellness

I love sharing about what’s worked for me.

It’s literally like the gospel- which means good news. Blessings are meant to be shared.

Proverbs 3:27 (NLT) “Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them. If you can help your neighbor now, don’t say, “Come back tomorrow, and then I’ll help you.”

I’m passionate about Jesus, too. Anyone who talks to me or has been around me for more than about 5 minutes knows that.

And like Jesus, I believe in loving others. 

Blessed to be a Blessing

In the same way I’d be sharing that “Oh, I found the BEST protein bars” or “I found the cutest, softest baby blanket at Target” or “I just read the BEST book”. I love sharing with others when I’ve found something that’s above the bar great.

Plexus is definitely that. Because the product is great. If you’re looking for changes to your health, start with your gut. Gut health matters, and that’s the true focus of Plexus. And it’s a game changer.

Plexus Lean Plexus Slim Plexus Challenge and Opportunity Health and Wellness Health and Happiness

But it’s also so much more.

If you’re interested in community, in a really focused group of friends who genuinely care about each other in a time when we need PEOPLE and fellowship more than ever- Plexus is also that.

Blessed people blessing people.

It may not be that way with every team in the company- though I would certainly hope so. 

But for my team, it is that. 

So if you’d like to join, we’d love to have you.

Community, Health, and Wellness

It’s a community. It’s about wellness. It’s about changing lives in terms of health.

But it’s also an opportunity to change lives for the better in another way, too.

It’s a small business opportunity

An opportunity to earn an income from home. On your schedule, on your terms. 

Via computer, via phone.

Work around your priorities and around your life. So that your priorities stay just that. Priority.

*Note, Plexus makes no promises on income. Your success depends on your effort, commitment, and leadership skills.*

Me, my top priorities are always Christ and my children. I’m completely family focused. 

In working for Plexus, there’s no change in that area.

I can schedule zooms if I want, when I want. Take and answer texts, calls, and messages if and when I want.

Plexus Opportunity

But if I don’t want? I don’t have to. 

No pressure.

But know that it is an opportunity. To make an income from home.

So if you’d like to learn more, I’m up for teaching, training, and leading.

Your style, your way. 

So if you’re ready to make the chance. To see a difference in your health. And/or a potential increase in your income- when you’re ready.

Let’s do this.

Jump into healing. Jump into business. 


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