Opportunity Awaits- Are You Ready?

Plexus works. 

The products are great. 

Health Happiness Wellness Plexus

No one needs to sell you on that because you already know.

Perhaps you’ve tried them before. Or perhaps you’ve heard testimony after testimony from friends and family that are taking the supplements, drinking the slim, and they’re seeing. You’re seeing the results.

But here’s your real concern- as was mine.

The money. The financial investment.

Because truly, it is an investment. And that’s where there’s a tinge. A pinch. 

*Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one, I may receive a small commission, and you’ll receive an opportunity to buy a fabulous product. Double win. Thanks in advance!

Invest In Your Health and Happiness

It’s an investment. A good investment. 

An investment in my health, wellness, and potentially business- if I so desire.

Opportunity to Give Back and Invest in Your Health

It’s right up there with buying supplements from my local superstore, my local grocery store. Even better in fact. Because not only is an investment in Plexus an investment in my health, every purchase I make is helping others, too.

*Note: Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. As such, Plexus is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure.

Plexus Happiness Health Wellness Prosperity

Helping other small business owners. Like myself. My purchase is helping them buy necessities for their family. Helps them spend time with their family because their Plexus business is a priority, but so is their family and family comes first. And in working with an opportunity like Plexus, there are no deadlines, no pressure to make sales. You work when you want, if you want.

It’s a healthy investment. It’s good for me. And I may see some incredible results.

So it’s an investment in my friend’s business and my health. Both super good things.

Plexus Health Happiness Wellness Opportunity Invest In You Invest In Your Health

So why is it I’m willing to spent $6+ on a single meal from Burger King that’s absolutely NOT nutritious. But when it comes to investing that same amount of money- or less- on my health and a product that is going to help me see changes from the inside out in terms of my energy. My mental clarity. My gut health. My mood.

When it comes to spending money on me… I baulk.


Opportunity to Invest in Yourself and Others

Maybe, like me, you need an opportunity like Plexus. 

Like me, maybe you’re desperate.

You need additional income, but you want your priorities to stay priorities.

You value being able to attend church on Sundays and take off. You don’t want to get a job that pressures you to work Sundays, or weekends.

When your kids are home, your spouse is home, you want that time to spend with them.

But you also need the money.

I get it. I’m there. 

Maybe 2020 was not kind to you and your family. I know it wasn’t to mine.

Or perhaps the past several years have been a wash in terms of you investing in yourself and investing in a business opportunity.

Lucky for you though, Plexus is both.

An Opportunity to Invest in Your Health and Your Family’s Health

Plexus is an investment in yours and your family’s health. And it’s an opportunity.

An opportunity to work from home.

Earn an income without pressure. Without deadlines. 

*Note: Plexus makes no guarantees on income. Your success is based upon your effort, investment, and leadership skills.

Is there a cost to invest and get started?

Yes. But with a welcome pack in Plexus, you’ll get a TON of money off your first order. Your first “investment” is actually a gift and investment rolled into one because you’ll get an incredible amount off. I know with my welcome pack I got like 44% off! WOW.

Plexus Happiness Health Wellness Prosperity

Or. Let’s say you’re interested in ONLY the business side of things first. You’re a skeptic.

Not All Companies are Created Equal

You’ve been a part of MLMs before- they’ve left a bad taste in your mouth.

First let me say, I’ve been a part of several MLMs in the past too. Some great with supportive team leads. Some with completely absent team leads.

My first MLM ever in fact, I was selling these cute little charms. Jewelry. But in the couple of years I was with them, I poured more money into the charms than I got out of sales.

And I only heard from my upline TWICE. TWICE. In two years. Yeah.

My second MLM. Sold nail wraps. Again, invested a ton more in the company than I received back in sales. And my immediate upline was great. She took me to a show with her. Taught me the business. Met with me for lunch. Taught me to do facebook groups and launch parties.

She was the ONLY person on my team I ever talked to though.

It was a team of two people it felt like.

It was rough.

But Plexus? It’s not like that. 

Least not my team.

Come Be a Part of a Team

My immediate upline? She’s great.

She’s been running successful MLMs for years now. And her previous one, she was winning trips left and right. She just changed over to Plexus last year.

Plexus Opportunity Health and Wellness Peace Prosperity Income Opportunity

And guess what? She’s already being recognized in this company. Within a YEAR of joining, she’s been moving up through the ranks.

She’s working less than she did with her previous company, and making far MORE. I want to say she made more in her first MONTH with Plexus than she ever made in a month with her former company. And she was with her former company for like 4 years.

And she busted her butt with her former company. Did all the right things.

But she wasn’t rewarded with them the way she’s been rewarded with Plexus.

And again, she’s working LESS and making MORE.

Isn’t that what we all want?

But again. An investment.

Invest in Something Worthwhile- Your Health

Are you worried about investing the money? The time?

Skeptical that the opportunity and investment is for you?

It’s literally a $20 investment to become an ambassador in Plexus FOR A YEAR.


Health and Happiness Company Plexus Grow Your Business 2021

A lot of us spend that same amount in a day on junk food. Or things that are junk in terms of not just food, but a waste. 

I can spend $20 strolling through the $1 bins right there in front of Target as you walk in. I can drop $20 on thins from those bins and much of it is the opposite of an investment. Perhaps decoration. But there’s no return on that.

An investment of $20 in Plexus, and I can start signing friends up and making that $20 back pronto. I can potentially start and run my own successful business, working from my phone, in my spare time…. For $20.

Get Started with Plexus Today and Invest in You

No where in the world of brick and mortar businesses can I start anything for $20.

But with Plexus, I don’t have to carry stock on hand. There’s no physical products that I need to carry with me.

I don’t have to go to shows or conferences.

Plexus Health and Happiness Opportunity

I can simply text and message my friends. Make a couple of posts on social media now and then.

Doing what I’d normally be doing anyway. 

No pressure. No time lines. 

And for $20, I can get started. Today.

Work from Home: Opportunity Awaits

Now, ideally, you want to get MORE than a business out of this. You want to regain your health. You want to see some amazing changes in your own health and wellness to go alongside the testimonies of all your friends doing this.

In which case, grab a welcome pack for almost half off. Try the products. Love the products. Share the products.

But if you want to dip a toe in, but you’re not completely sold on the full submersion into the business opportunity that is Plexus. It’s your choice.

Sparkle in 2021 with Plexus

Do know though that welcome packs are available only to new ambassadors? And they are such a great deal. Some of them are almost 50% off!

That’s like a buy one get one free deal! Why would you pass that up? 

It’s such an excellent opportunity. And the welcome packs come with so many options!

The Plexus Slim, the pink drink. The Plexus Lean– and it even comes in vegan.

Meta Burn for those looking to burn extra calories.

Plexus Happiness Health Wellness Prosperity

XFactor vitamins- they even have a welcome pack with the XFactor kids chewables and the kids microbiome!

Active- for those looking for even more of a healthy energy boost.

Vitalbiome- for those looking to boost their mood.

And Plexus is more than inward gut health. It’s about healthy on the outside, too.

Joyome by Plexus: Skincare for Radiant Looking Skin

With their Joyome cream, for night and day. Keep your skin looking healthy and radiant. 

They have collagen for that too- yes, Plexus has their own line of collagen.

Plexus Joyome Skincare for Radiant Looking Skin Joyome Collagen Complex Gut Health Matters Health Happiness Company Plexus Opportunity

With all these options and with it being such a great deal to score it for almost half off with your first buy- that and the opportunity to start your own business from your phone. Working from home around your priorities- so that your priorities stay priorities to you.

Why would you pass that up?

If you’d like to learn more about Plexus, comment below. I’d be happy to answer any and all of your questions. 

Or, click any of the links above and let’s get started!