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How to Build a Business Working from Home Blogging

Do you know how to build a business working from home blogging. Did you know that you don’t need a blog to start blogging? Say what?! But it’s true. In fact, the majority of my blog posts are as of yet unpublished- because I started blogging before I had a blog. You can start working from home blogging, even without a blog.

You can start blogging before you have a blog. Because I did, too.

Read on to discover how to have more time with loved ones while working from home blogging. And how to start blogging before you start a blog.

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How to Start Blogging Today

If I were going to tell you how to start blogging today, I’d say start brainstorming ideas for blogs before you ever write a blog post. It’s a blogging for beginners idea, but still very relevant.

If I were to tell you that you can start a blog without a blog, I’d say, you have Google Docs, don’t you? You have a journal. You have pen and paper. Start typing, start writing. Because writing is blogging before you have a blog.

The difference between a Google Doc and a blog post is that one is published.

I have tons of Google Docs of ideas. Me brainstorming blog post ideas. And after I brainstorm, I start writing. Then I copy and paste from one to the other and hit publish.

Let me say, that if you can write, you can blog. You can start a blog today.

Start a Blog Today

Though you can technically start a blog for free, I wouldn’t recommend it. A free blog is called a hobby. A blog that you pay for the domain, you pay for hosting, that’s a business. And a business means income. Working from home.

I personally use Siteground for hosting and you can start a blog with them HERE.

Get Started Blogging with Siteground Working from Home Blogging to Make Money with Siteground

Super quick. Super easy. And it’s really affordable. Of all the work from home business opportunities I’ve been a part of, blogging is by far the cheapest. And a great MLM is a close second.

For less than $100, you can start a profitable blog. You can start working from home making money writing.

And for less than $100, if you don’t like writing, you can start an MLM like what I do in the health and wellness business. You can start a business like that HERE.

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Or you can read more about what I do in the realm of health and wellness (and skincare!) HERE.

And to start a blog with Siteground takes under an hour from sign up to first published blog post. Working from home blogging is not supposed to be expensive. It is super affordable and super quick to start.

I was able to start a blog with Siteground, my first blog by the same name, TheBlessedAndBusyFamily, back in 2017. And I’d love to tell you that my first blog was profitable- but it wasn’t. A lot of trial and error, and learning from mistakes. But to make money blogging is possible and I believed that. So I kept going.

Start Blogging

As a stay at home mom working from home, I was desperate for an income. Any income. Which is why I started my first blog in 2017.

Before that, and even during that time, I was reaching for any means I knew of to make money working from home.

I’d been a part of several direct sales, work from home opportunities. Ranging from nail wraps, health and wellness products, and more. I’d been a fitness coach, dabbled in essential oils, and sold jewelry.

And all of those business models are legit and great. And it is possible making money from home doing any of the above. In fact, I’m still part of the one MLM I mentioned because I do believe in its products and the business.  And you can click the photo below to learn more, if you’re interested.

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But blogging required no monthly purchases.

It was something I could do from my phone while waiting in the car in line. It was something I could do after the kids went to sleep.

I didn’t need a lot of fancy equipment. Didn’t even need any fancy gear like a tripod to take beautiful photos. (Although I did buy one of these recently since I’m upping my instragram game)

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In fact, for images, I still use what I use today- Canva. And you can get a FREE TRIAL of their pro HERE. But Canva itself is free, so there is that. Check ’em out.

Start Working from Home Today

So for under $100, in fact it was probably half that when I signed up with Siteground since they do amazing sales now and again. I got a business up and running, working from home. Working from home blogging.

And you can, too.

Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter to stay in the loop as I begin writing more and more posts about my journey to becoming a six figure blogger- that is the goal, after all. And to encourage you, I’d suggest that if you have any doubts it’s possible to become a six figure blogger, check out this book by Ruth Soukup who runs a 7 figure business. And yes, it all started with her starting a blog.

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Yes, her book is an Amazon Best Seller and is appropriately called How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul, by Ruth Soukup.

I’m actually enrolled in her Elite Blog Academy right now. And you can learn more about Ruth, and her blog, by going HERE. I want to stay the Elite Blog Academy opens up only once a year. But feel free to sign up on her waitlist to be notified of when it does open (hint, hint, I think that may be coming up soon!).

And in the mean time, she does offer a lot of great FREE resources. Which you can check out HERE, too.

Viral Blog Post Ideas

In the mean time too, I want to leave you with some Viral Blog Post Ideas and Titles. Feel free to use them to start writing your own blog posts in Google Docs, just as I did.

Start brainstorming your own viral blog post ideas. Here are 20+ titles to inspire you and get you started.

  • How to Blog Without a Blog
  • Boost Your Blogging Income
  • Viral Blog Post Ideas
  • SEO Guide to Rank Top in Google Searches
  • How to Make a Full Time Income Blogging
  • How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  • Learn How to Have More Time with Your Kids (or Spouse)
  • 10 Tips on How to Go After What’s Important to You
  • How to Follow Your Dreams
  • How to Land Your Dream Job Working from Home Blogging
  • Tip on How to Build a Business Working from Home Today
  • How to Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted
  • Make Time for You! Learn How
  • How to Know You’re Not Alone Working from Home
  • How to Start Your Own Blog and Start Making Money Blogging Today
  • Learn How to Make Money Blogging: A Step by Step Guide
  • How to Make Money Working from Home with Kids
  • How to Make a Living Online and How You Can Too
  • Learn How to Start Your Own Blog
  • How Quitting Your Full Time Job to Work From Home is Possible
  • How to Have More Time with Loved Ones

This list is just to get you started brainstorming. Feel free to comment below any additional titles you think I should add to this list.

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