5 Beauty Affiliates You Can Work with TODAY

Ever dreamed of working from home in a niche you love? Want to work with beauty affiliates who carry lines of beauty, makeup products, and more? You can!

Below is a list of 5 companies that offer affiliate programs to those that blog about beauty products. Check out the details and join today!

*Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one, I may receive a small commission. Thanks!*

Work with Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty- because who doesn’t love Ulta? You can click HERE to work with this beauty affiliate program and start earning.

 In the world of brick and mortar stores, it’s where you can find a wide variety of beauty items from all kinds of established brands.And online is no different.

In working as an affiliate with Ulta, you can link to brands you use daily. Brands like bareMinerals, Too Faced, Smashbox, and Essie. 

As the (current) largest beauty retailer in the US, Ulta carries everything from makeup and skincare products, to hair care, and  fragrance.

Ulta.com lists all of these items, and more. So as an affiliate, all you need is in one place in terms of beauty.

Ulta offers free shipping, buy one get one offers, and their affiliates get access to that as well as special offers of their own.

To join, go to Ulta.com and click “Join the Ulta.com Affiliate Program” to get started. Or click HERE.


Sephora Beauty offers much the same as Ulta. It’s a one stop shop for all things beautiful.

So if you want to work with beauty affiliates that offer a one stop shop for everything, Sephora and Ulta are it.

To join just fill out the form found HERE– it’s free to join.

As a Sephora Beauty affiliate, you get a commission on the sale everyday items.

Get sneak peeks of special offers. Get free samples with every order. The perks to being a Sephora affiliate are many. 

To join, click HERE

Plexus Joyome

Plexus is known as the Health and Happiness company for its gut health products. But Plexus Slim, Plexus Active, and their many dietary supplements are only part of what the company does.

Did you know they also have a skincare line called Joyome?

Joyome Skincare by Plexus Joyome Glow Getter be a Go Getter with this Glow Getter Skincare line by Plexus Love the Skin You're In Joyome #affiliate

You can join HERE.

Plexus, as opposed to only offering an affiliate program, offers an ambassador program. In it, you get money back for others buying products through your link, but you also get perks for buying products for you! How cool is that?

Joyome offers a day serum, night serum, cleanser, and even collagen. And with all their products- skincare included- you and your customers have a 60 day money back guarantee on every purchase.

Join HERE to become an ambassador today. And you can work with beauty affiliates that do more than just beauty. They do healthy, too!


Are you familiar with the beauty box subscription program, FabFitFun? 

Four times a year, they mail out boxes full of full sized products that you can score for a fraction of the price! Each box is $50. But affiliates get 20% off their first box. 

Work with Fab Fit Fun as an Affiliate Today and Start Earning

And then they can earn a FREE box the following season based on how many people order under your affiliate link.

You can sign up for their affiliate program HERE. And you can expect payouts MONTHLY. Double win!


Amazon is perhaps one of the most popular affiliate programs for beauty needs- as well as everything else.

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles with JLO Beauty; Get it through Amazon #ad #affiliate

Free to join. Click HERE.

But you get a commission on both the sale of products as well as services. Give the gift of Amazon, and get a bounty, for example.

If someone signs up for a FREE business account, same thing.

With Amazon, you get the option to add links, site stripes, and you can easily pin links to every kind of item and service you can think of.

Best Selling Face Roller from Amazon, Jade Roller for Beauty #affiliate #ad

A great way to earn while you learn. Since Amazon gives you 6 months to learn the ropes. Get 3 sales in that time frame, and you’re golden.

Have a large social media following? Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or even Facebook. If so, you can apply to their influencer program and get your own “store” you can set up to rake in even more earnings.

Join the affiliate program HERE. And start earning today.

Working with Affiliates

Working with affiliates like Amazon, Plexus Joyome, Sephora, Ulta, and FabFitFun is one way you can make money working from home.

And while it helps to have a blog, did you know you can work with affiliates without one?

Check out my post HERE on how you can start blogging without a blog.

And if you’re interested in working full time from home as an ambassador for Plexus, I wrote about the Health and Happiness company HERE.

But are there other affiliates you’d like to work with that you want to see on this list? Comment below!